Everything has a time. Everything has a space. All life has a body. With that in mind, Jon R. Skulberg begins his work, regardless of whether it is an opera, a performance work or a dance piece.

CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL, founded by Jon R. Skulberg in 2016, is a Nordic production platform, focused on interdisciplinarity and spatial-somatic relationships within theatre, opera, choreography, and installation. Convoi Exceptionnel is like special transport and wide cargo. Like the sign found on large highway trucks, the company is a reminder to pay attention to particularities and specificities.

The performances are developed with a strong visual gaze, balancing visual means, sound, and music into a holistic unity – in relationship with one or more physical bodies. Within a formalized aesthetic, frequently asked questions are: What is the tempo of this space? How do you delay time? What is stillness? Convoi Exceptionnel’s center of attention is on the potential of the 1:1 scale relationship between the performers and the audience.

Jon R. Skulberg is a Norwegian artist based in Copenhagen, educated as a scenographer at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad and has Bachelor studies from the Institute of Dramaturgy, Aarhus University and Dance Studies at Copenhagen University. Skulberg is currently working as a stage director, choreographer, and scenographer.


CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL/JON R. SKULBERG - May 28, 2023 - CRAWL, CRAWL, CRAWL, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark - 19:00
  • CRAWL, CRAWL, CRAWL, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • May 28, 2023
  • 19:00
CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL/JON R. SKULBERG - May 29, 2023 - CRAWL, CRAWL, CRAWL, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark - 19:00
  • CRAWL, CRAWL, CRAWL, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • May 29, 2023
  • 19:00

CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL is a staged choir piece with 12 singers, experienced from the edge of a swimming pool. In a physical study of water resonance, the singers float in weightless sequences while pondering on the paradoxes of a welfare state.

CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL is a sensitivity analysis in the nature of inequality. A choreographic portrayal of the welfarestate and its many flaws. The singers become a group searching for a common voice, insurgently longing for meaning. In their polyphonic strive, they uncover the imbalance that a class-based society creates.

The work is created by Convoi Exceptionnel and Jon R. Skulberg in close collaboration with composer Lil Lacy, dramaturge Astrid Hansen Holm, conductor Mathias Skaarup Sørensen, designer Kit Wan, and the vocal ensemble ENSEMBLE EDGE.

CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL is a performing arts company led by scenographer and stage director JON R. SKULBERG. With his bold vision, Skulberg orchestrates immersive sceneries, using saturated images, bodies, sounds and lights, which he imprints onto the audience to mark them with impressions and memories.

LIL LACY composes the choral work for the twelve singers from ENSEMBLE EDGE. Lil Lacy challenges the vertically standing classical singer we know from churches, stages and concert halls. Lacy is a recipient of the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize.

ENSEMBLE EDGE is an Aarhus-based vocal ensemble that challenges conventions. In this work, they explore the singing body immersed in water and the architectural acoustics of the swimming pool hall. The choir conductor is MATHIAS SKAARUP SØRENSEN.

KIT WAN is a fashion and costume designer from Hong Kong. With textiles, he creates distinct silhouettes in a fictional and holistic expression, bringing contrast to the functional architecture of the swimming pool hall.


Concept, stage direction: Jon R. Skulberg
Composer: Lil Lacy
Conductor: Mathias Skaarup Sørensen
Costume design: Kit Wan
Vocal Ensemble: ENSEMBLE EDGE
Singers: Nadja Marie Schmedes Enevoldsen, Susanne Cecilie Nielsen, Frieda Funk, Kirsten Voss, Malene Rohden, Andrea Krüger Holm, Erik Buchreitz, Oliver Runge Skovbo Hansen, Troels Geil Thalling, Malthe Hvidegård Hartz,Malte Øster, Gunnar Sigfússon
Dramaturge: Astrid Hansen Holm
Libretto: Lil Lacy, Jon R. Skulberg, Astrid Hansen Holm
Production producer: Sigrid Aakvik, Art and About
Producer ENSEMBLE EDGE: Andrea Krüger Holm
International relations: Nordberg Movement
Communication: Anne Basse
Movement coach: Kenzo Kusuda
Costumeassistent: Koh Taniguchi
Production: Convoi Exceptionnel
Co-production: Bora Bora, Passage Festival, Dansehallerne

Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, William Demant Foundation, The Obel Family Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Danish Actors` Association, City of Aarhus


Moving a memory is a performance and an exhibition created for a gymnasium. Convoi Exceptionnel explores experiences and memories connected to this space which most of us have a relationship with. The smell of lacquered floor, thick rope, and wooden rib walls. Scheduled exercise activating a wide range of emotions. The gymnasium is charged with fear and joy. A place in the past and present. Stage director and set designer Jon R. Skulberg says: ‘You walk into the gymnasium, sense your feet on the floor. The marked floor lines reveal a regime of movement. Now it’s your chance redefine the hierarchy and explore a new kind of poetry.’

The Nordic gymnasium is a symbol of the fit body, disciplined and trained to obtain a good health. An architectural manifestation of public health. We challenge the space’s authority and give it another language. It’s an invitation to move your memory.

The arc of the work is drawn up by Convoi Exceptionnel, visual artist Maiken Bent, choreographer and dancer Wayson Poon, composer and musician Paul Yip in collaboration with Jon R. Skulberg.


Concept, space, stage direction: Jon R. Skulberg
Choreography: Wayson Poon
Installations: Maiken Bent
Composition and live music: Paul Yip
Dancers: Wayson Poon, Paul Pui Wo Lee, Linette Stamp Christensen
Additional dancer for Hong Kong Performances: Kingsan Lo
Dramaturg: Astrid Hansen Holm
Creative producer: Lene Bang
Hongkong producer: Carrol Ho
Tour manager: Sigrid Aakvik
Scenography and production assistant: Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh
Production: Convoi Exceptionnel and Onthewayson
Photo: Louise Herrche Serrup

Co-production: PASSAGE Festival, Dansehallerne & Bora Bora
Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, Arts Council Norway, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Nordic Culture Foundation, Nordic Council of Ministers, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation & City of Aarhus.


For Ever Four Seasons” is a musical, choreographic and existentialist work which insists on slowness, as an act of resistance against our rapidly accelerating world.
At one and the same time, Jon R. Skulberg and Convoi Exceptionnel want to give the audience a sensuous experience, which both pleases and disturbs while posing the fundamental question: What is the role of mankind in the Anthropocene era?

The first dancer, Kenzo Kusuda, has freed himself of the patterns of human motion to create the basic form of “nature”. The second dancer, Marianna Kavallieratos, is a figure wandering in a probable and violent vision of the future – in an impossible attempt to build a relationship with the outside world and a “nature” which no longer bears any resemblance to itself.

The two dancer’s conditions and emotional states are anchored to the newly composed works by the cello duo Soma & Lil and composer and sound artist Kristian Hverring. Jon R. Skulberg’s staging, scenography and light invite the audience to a series of images of presence in slow but constant change.

Human beings have developed, and survived as a species due to the ability to cooperate and develop mental structures and systems. For instance, technology, philosophy, and art. At the same time they have created: concentration camps, weapons, and nuclear power.

In recent years, both art and philosophy have reflected on the fact that the man has become a similar geological force to volcanoes, rivers, and displacement of tectonic plates. For the first time in history, a majority of us lives in urban man-made landscapes rather than rural areas. Mankind has detached itself from nature. Is it because we no longer regard ourselves as part of it? The work For Ever Four Seasons investigates what value the term “nature” has today. Perhaps the idea of separation between the man and nature should be reconsidered?

The development of this work is influenced by a Nobel Prize winning writer Svetlana Aleksijevitj’s reflections and interviews with survivors of Chernobyl. Aleksijevitj uses the Chernobyl disaster as a potential picture of the future, and let the witnesses remember in a world that will forget. Her analysis is a hyper-concrete example that poses ethical, moral and metaphysical questions to the modern human. With nuclear technology, we have also gained an instrument so that we can act on the same scale as nature. A man-made natural power.

What is the role of humanity in the geological period we are in now, the Anthropocene age? Convoi Exceptionnel gives space and form for an artistic explanation to the questions above.



Concept, choreography, scenography, light: Jon R. Skulberg
Creative producer, agent: Lene Bang

Dancers: Marianna Kavallieratos, Kenzo Kusuda
Composers, musicians: Soma & Lil
Composer, sound design: Kristian Hverring
Dramaturg: Astrid Hansen Holm

Costumes: Mads Dinesen

Light technician : Irene Lehtonen
Sound assistant : Johan August Dyrløv Høegh

Communication: Kirstine Bauning
Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard
Premiere: Bora-Bora, Aarhus, September 4th, 2019

Co-production: Bora Bora, Dansehallerne
Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, City of Aarhus, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Wanås Konst.


A site-specific trilogy
2021 – 2022 – 2023

In ”Trilogy For Educational Spaces”, Convoi Exceptionnel explores a gymnastics hall, a swimming pool and a classroom with strong conceptual, aesthetic and performative means. In the very different performances, we invite the audience inside educational spaces and institutions, which intervene deeply with our bodies and minds. The trilogy is about memories, responsibility, formation, class and the understanding of what a “we” is based on.

The gymmastic hall – “Moving a memory” – 2021

An acoustic choreographic work and an exhibition are created that thematise the body’s memories from this concrete space. 3 dancers and one musician on stage.

The swimming pool – “CRAWL CRAWL CRAWL” – 2022

A choral work is composed for 12 singers and a conductor, staged in a pool.

The classroom – ”You are a day tomorrow” – 2023

A text based binaural audio play and sound work, experienced with headphones in a classroom.

We dive into what narratives, phenomena, and experiences that already exist in these spaces that we all have a relationship with. Spaces that is far back in time for an adult audience, and whose experiences have become memories. For a younger audience, it is part of their real time and everyday life. Their here and now.


The performance is created for a young audience (high school classes) and an adult audience. We find these groups in collaboration with local producers and festivals. Convoi Exceptionnel wants to work with local friendship classes connected to the presentations.

The whole trilogy is produced in collaboration with PASSAGE Festival, Elsinore, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen and Bora Bora, Aarhus.