Robin Jonsson is a Stockholm-based choreographer. His work focuses on how technology impacts interpersonal relationships. Key issues are how technology transforms the individual, the interpersonal, and our view of community and each other.

In his dance works, Robin aims to mirror larger phenomena where genuine, meaningful digital presence and coexistence play a larger and more important role in our lives and societies. He achieves this by building on advanced digital technology’s capacities, creating authentically embodied human encounters – full of presence – in a context that is interesting from a choreographic point of view. Robin Johnsson has primarily worked with social robots and Virtual Reality.

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Robin Jonsson has an extensive record of incorporating advanced digital technology in performing arts processes. In his work “Get Real” he presents both dancers and audiences with a new genre of performing arts, which can only be experienced in VR – Virtual Reality. The performance takes shape in real-time and is created live by the present dancers and audience, in a genuine and intimate sense of community, in the borderland between a physical and digital setting.

In “Get Real”, dancers and a select number of audience members are on stage. They are wearing VR sets, making them present in the same virtual world. A larger audience observes while the dancers and the co-creating audience explore the digital environment. Slowly the virtual experience unfolds before them. Gradually and structured, the imaginative, epic, and fantastic VR world is revealed. The audience experiences what happens on stage and in the digital world simultaneously – an abstract yet fascinating experience – which is enhanced by the relationship between the dancers and the VR audience, as well as the cinematic soundscapes and music of the virtual world.


Performers: Emelie Wahlman, Nea Landin, Anika Edström Kawaji, Rebecka Berchtold

Choreography and direction: Robin Jonsson

Light design: Johan Sundén

Composer: William Rickman

Technic: Angela X

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Stockholms Stads Kulturförvaltning

In collaboration with: Kollektivet Livet / Stadsgårdsterminalen


Newcomers is a VR dance work by and for secondary school students where discussions about digital consent are expressed in virtual worlds.

The senses, movement and popular culture are recurring themes in Robins Jonsson’s work. Throughout his career, he has been interested in the relationship between man and machine as well as digital developments and what they can bring to the field of performing arts. Stable, intuitive and innovative, Jonsson creates works that both amaze and fascinate.

In Newcomers we return to the VR platform that Robin built for Alone Together. Online, with interactive tools and in real time, the audience gets the opportunity to experience and co-create dance art in the almost infinite capacity of a digital world. This time on themes of digital consent and virtual abuse.


Performers: Emelie Wahlman and Nea Landin

Choreography and direction: Robin Jonsson

Light design: Angela X

Composer: Elize Arvfjord

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Region Stockholm

Produced by: Nordberg Movement

In collaboration with: Kollektivet Livet