Elle Sofe Sara, based in Guovdageaidnu, is a choreographer and director who works at the interlaces of filmmaking, dance and theatre. In her works she regularly sheds light on the social, political and cultural peculiarities and challenges of the Sámi People.

Elle Sofe is the festival profile at the Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad in 2020 and 2021. In 2019, she won the Moon Jury Award for her short film Ribadit at Imagine Native Film Festival in Canada. Elle Sofe is also one of four talents in Talent Norway’s filmmakers program and founder of Dáiddadállu/ Sámi artist collective in Guovdageaidnu.

”Vástádus eana –
The answer is land” (2021)

Vástádus eana- The answer is land is a performance that through dance and yoik reflects on the power of standing together and the awareness for the common ground and nature we stand on.

In vástádus eana- the answer is land dance and yoik (traditional Sámi song) are equally important and the audience is part of the performance. The audience and performers form a big mass.

“My thought is to bring people the bodily experience of being together, part of a mass, standing together. The powerful experience of being together with other people connected to traditional song and nature through a choreographed experience that starts outside and ends up in a theatre”, says artistic director Elle Sofe Sara.

The piece premierad June 19 at the Artctic Arts festival in Harstad, Norway

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Performers Kajsa Balto, Julie Moviken, Olga-Lise Holmen, Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska, Emilie Marie Karlsen, Nora Svenning, Grete Daling.

Artistic director/choreographer Elle Sofe Sara. Composer Frode Fjellheim. Co-choreographer Alexandra Wingate. Costumes Ramona Salo. Set design Elin Melberg. Light design Øystein Heitmann. Dramaturg Thomas Schaupp. Sound Håkon Pettersen. Producecers Maiken Garder, Magnus Nordberg. Sociala mediar Ánne Kátjá Gaup. Stage maneger: Ingvild Kirkvik.

Title of the performance comes from Rájácummá/ Kiss from the border by Nillas Holmberg Outi Pieski Jenni Laiti

participants pre-project- Katarina Barruk, Maya Mi Samuelsen, Alexandra Wingate

produced by Elle Sofe AS, collaboration with Dansearena Nord, Sámi national theatre Beaivváš

Co-producers Artistic arts festival, Norrlandsopraen. Production support from Arts council Norway, The Sámi parliament Norway, Nordic council of ministers, The audio and visual fund, Saami council Dáiddafoanda spenn. With development grants from Troms och finnmark fylkeskommune, Arts council Norway

Upcoming performances June 19 and 20 2021- Opening performance, Festspillene i Nord- Norge/Arctic arts festival, Hovedscenen/Main stage- Harstad kulturhus


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