Nordberg Movement has and is running a number of initiatives for the field, often in collaboration with national and international partners.

This section is currently being updated to mirror all initiatives NM have taken or been part of during 2011-2021.

DansPlats Skog

Since 2021 Nordberg Movement assists DansPlats Skog in the countryside of Gävleborg, Sweden with development and strategy.

The non-profit association PHIDR builds and establishes Gävleborg’s first free stage – DansPlats Skog – for professional dance in Skog, Söderhamn Municipality. In the years 2019-21, the project “DansPlats Skog” is underway, which works with three focus areas: residencies, mentoring initiatives and audience development. Through dance, the world comes to Skog.

The place contributes to a vibrant cultural life in the countryside, which opens up the opportunity to live and work with culture in the region in the long term. Most workers live in the region but do not work here. PHIDR runs several residency projects and premises / residences can be booked – where local operators have priority in the application process, which results in a strengthened labor market with more local jobs. DansPlats Skog can house many artists at the same time, which enables meetings and space for larger projects / productions. PHIDR believes in free culture and free practitioners and creates a place for cultural policy to focus on production and improve and strengthen the conditions for cultural practitioners in the Gävleborg region.


The project I RÖRELSE (IN MOVEMENT) is ongoing in 2021 and is aimed at freelance choreographers, dancers, agents and producers in Sweden. Through the project, we want to strengthen their opportunities to reach out and work internationally. That is why we offer coaching, network meetings and competence development through courses in internationalization.

Keep an eye out for more information about I RÖRELSE and our upcoming activities by subscribing to our newsletter (in Swedish).

Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

IN THE WORKS / Meredith Boggia Productions 2017, 2019 and 2020

Started in 2013, In The Works, created and conceptualized by Meredith Boggia, has served as a forum by and for independent artists and arts workers to share work with colleagues during January conferences and festivals in a relaxed and artist-centered setting. By experimenting with partnerships and support models, we aim to highlight the underrecognized labor of artists, the power of collectivity, and the import and inspirational efforts of artists to build a stronger future, economy, and ecology.

Now in their third year of partnership, In The Works 2020 is produced together with Magnus Nordberg/Nordberg Movement (Sweden), Meredith Boggia (Brooklyn), and a rotating cohort of brilliant artists and collaborators. 2020 we were proud to host works by:

Aretha Aoki and Ryan MacDonald /iele paloumpis / Laurie Berg and Bessie McDonough-Thayer / Meg Foley / Prosodic Body LLC/Daria Faïn / Nichole Canuso Dance / QUARTO / Make Hay While The Sun Shines Project / Shirley Harthey Ubilla / Stacy Grossfield Dance Projects

Presented and produced by Meredith Boggia Productions (Brooklyn, US) and Magnus Nordberg Movement (Stockholm, SE).

Presentation support generously provided by the Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Consulate General of Sweden in New York. Space support from La MaMa Experimental Theater Club.


Jan 8, 2021 NM announced that Nordberg Movement would run a series of talks under the title “45 minutes of dance”! During thirteen Friday mornings between 5 Feb to 14 May, 26 guests generously came along to share either a glimpse of their current work or they dug into the past for our memory section!

Guests spring 2021: BamBam Frost, Anna Koch, Maria Naidu, Abraham Hurtado, Tove Sahlin, Pirjetta Mulari, Jon R. Skulberg, Petra Huisman, Stina Nyberg, LJ Findlay-Walsh, Gunilla Heilborn, Virve Sutinen, Monika Wade, Sindri Lauper, Rani Nair, Ellinor Ljungkvist, Lene Bang Henningsen, Destiny af Kléen, Anna Öberg, Viktor Fröjd, Björn Säfsten, Jeanine Durning, Anna Mesquita-Leandro Zappala Quarto, Rachel Victoria Tess, Alma Söderberg and Paul Russ.

Time and resources will unfortunately not allow for us to make these episodes available to stream – yet NM will be looking at possible ways to bring the format back somehow in the future!

CAMP – Creative Agent Manager Producer
2017 – 2020

Nordberg Movement is a founding partner of CAMP – Creative Agent Manager Producer.
CAMP is a research project led by four individuals, working in the international field of performing arts and choreography as Creative Agents Managers Producers.

CAMP events 2019-2020:
Festival TransAmériques (Montreal, CA, May – June 2018)
The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2018)
Theaterfestival Boulevard (The Bosh, The Netherlands, August 2019)
Dansehallerne Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark, Spring 2020)

Partners: Festival TransAmériques (CA), The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (SE), Theaterfestival Boulevard (NL), Dansehallerne Copenhagen (DK), The Development Platform (DK). Montreal Camp is supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Conseil des Arts de Montreal. Early conversations, which shaped CAMP, took place during residencies at Festival TransAmériques (CA) and B.MOTION Festival (IT) in 2017. A special thanks to Denis Bergeron for encouraging CAMP.
The development of CAMP is supported by Nordic Culture Fond 2018 – 2020.

CAMP FOUNDING PARTNERS are Adrien Bussy, Compagnie Flak, Montreal (CA) www. | Lene Bang, Lene Bang Org. (DK) | Line Rousseau, A Propic (NL) | Magnus Nordberg, Nordberg Movement (SE) |CO-CAMPERS are Betina Rex (DK) | Sanne Wichman (NL) | Anja Arnquist (SE) |

Body of curiosity – a pilot project

“Body of Curiosity” – aim to create possibilities for in-depth research and contextualization surrounding presenting choreographic work for children on tour.
The 2019 pilot includes a Nordic/Baltic tour and 26 presentations of “Matsalen” / “The Canteen”, a work by choreographer Björn Säfsten for Regionteater Väst.
The work was presented in Copenhagen, Klaipeda, Helsinki and Stockholm 22. October – 6. December 2019.

Network partners: Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark / AssociationFish Eye Production, Lithuania / Annantalo, Helsinki, Finland / Regionteater Väst, Borås, Sweden

Implementing partners: Nordberg Movement, Stockholm, Sweden / Lene Bang Org., Copenhagen, Denmark / Säfsten Production, Stockholm, Sweden Presenting partners/venues involved 2019: Dansehallerne, Denmark / UCC – University College Copenhagen, Denmark / Association Fish Eye Production, Klaipeda, Lithuania / Annantalo, Helsinki, Finland, Dance House Helsinki, Finland (residency partner) / Dansens Hus Stockholm, Sweden, DIS / Dance in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden / Stadsteatern Skärholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Supported by Nordic Culture Fond. Säfsten Produktion is supported by Kulturrådet and Stockholm Stad. Regionteater Väst remit comes from Västra Götaland Region and Uddevalla Municipality. Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Klaipeda City Municipality. The idea for this project was originally initiated by Säfsten Production

WELD & WELD COMPANY 2011-2019.

2011 – 2018 Nordberg Movement collaborated with Weld on funding and development as weak as developing and producing Weld Company.
Weld is an independent platform for experimental processes and knowledge production. We gather impulses and ideas; we combine and break them down; we re-think them – while aspiring to define ourselves as something not quite tangible. Making use of critical ideas and free ways of thinking, we aim to share our physical and virtual space with people active within the disciplines of dance/visual arts/theatre/literature/ architecture/music/film and science to discover alternatives, new paths. Our primary focus is on dance and we strive towards the creation of contexts and situations that both deepen and expand the art form.

NM supported WELD in the start and operations of Weld Company 2013-2019.

Selection of projects:
– In 2016 Weld Company presented “Phoenix”, a work by Rebecca Stillman, on the main stage of Dansens Hus.

– In 2019 Nordberg Movement and Weld presented a unique collaboration with legendary choreographer Yvonne Rainer. Yvonne Rainer’s “Again? What now?” was a new work for Weld Company and is an amalgam of “old” dance excerpts and more recent ideas, including spoken texts, music, and movement configurations. You might call the piece “YR’s Best Bits.” The actual title can also be read as a cry of desperation and protest in response to the fraught state of the world, and more specifically, the current calamitous social and political situation in the United States.

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