NM commences a collaboration with Elle Sofe Sara (NO) – new work ”Vástádus eana – The Answer Is Land” opens 19 June.

We’re very happy to announce that choreographer and director Elle Sofe Sara is now associated to Nordberg Movement! The first steps of this collaboration concerns the production Vástádus eana – The Answer Is Land. 

Vástádus eana – The Answer is Land is a performance that through dance and yoik reflecs on the power of standing together and the awareness of the common ground and nature that we are standing on. In Vástádus eana – The Answer Is Land dance and yoik (traditional Sámi song) are equally important, and the audience is part of the performance. The audience and performers form a big mass together. 

– My thought is to bring to people the bodily experience of being together, part of a mass, standing together. The powerful experience of standing together with other people, connected to traditional song and nature, through a choreographed experience that starts outside and ends up inside a theatre, artistic director Elle Sofe Sara says. 

The performance will premiere June 19th 2021 at the Artistic Arts festival in Harstad, Norway.