New associated choreographer: Viktor Fröjd!

We’re delighted to announce that Swedish dancer and choreographer Viktor Fröjd is now an associated choreographer at Nordberg Movement.

Viktor Fröjd is convinced that dance can be a means to reach a deeper understanding of what it is to be human.  In recent years, his work has been focused on honesty and social power.  Viktor’s background is in street and house dance.  Freestyle is therefore constantly present, as well as the understanding of how everyone (and everything) in the room – both the dancers and the participants from the audience – influence the atmosphere and what transpires in the piece.

Viktor Fröjd is educated at the Street Dance Program at Åsa Folk High School outside Katrineholm and has a bachelor’s degree in Dance Pedagogy focused on Street Dance from DOCH – Dans och Cirkushögskolan (School of Dance and Circus) in Stockholm.  His artistic practice has progressed through a series of acclaimed and praised performances produced around Sweden during the past ten years. 

 Parallel to his artistic work, Viktor Fröjd has run an extensive collection within the street dance field in Stockholm as well as in southern Sweden, through battles and festivals.  Some examples are Malmö Dance Week, Malmö Workshop Week and Hip Hop Weekend as well as Lighthouse Battles.

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