Sindri Runudde presents A Sensoral Lecture

Sindri Runuddes performance “A sensoral lecture” is coming to Dansens Hus 

“A sensoral lecture” is a solo performance by and with Sindri Runudde, in which we encounter five voices through metaphoric dating scenarios. The show deals with auditory romance and love at first frequency, an exploration of sound, and especially the voice, as touch. Through dance, dialogue and movement exercises, the audience is invited to a sensoral lecture with humour, imagination and sensitivity. Together with composer Marta Forsberg, Sindri explored the concept of a voice message, and the culture of auditive versus text based SMS. With guidance by Sindri, the audience will be invited to try this practice during the performance.

At Dansens Hus, on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May as part of STHLM DANS in Stockholm, Sweden. More info