Sindri Runudde is a Swedish dancer and choreographer. Professionally trained in dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, with additional international training in contemporary circus. Their work is characterized by transcending the traditional field of dance weaving together elements of sound, visual art, and storytelling. Sindri often plays with conceptualization by embracing metaphorical and imaginative concepts. Blending sensuous dance practices, personal stories, texts, and songs, their works are characterized by a formbased humorous and playful expression, with an undertone of complex perspective and experiences. Using somatic and attention oriented based practises.

Sindri has worked as an artist/dancer for companies like The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm City Theatre, Skånes Dancetheatre, Candoco Dance Company, Les 7 doigts de la main, and for choreographers like Martin Forsberg, Stina Nyberg, Ben Wright, Jeremy wade Carl Olof Berg, Joe Bannon Ebba Bohlin, and Lisen Ellard amongst others.

As a choreographer they have made several group pieces, “The fishingdance & other cosmic confessions”, ”Delighthouse & the dark room”, as well as their solo performances  ”A sensoral lecture” and ”Blind Boi Diaries”. Sindri has also created two pieces for children called “Sälskap” and “Vända & Vrida”

Sindri approaches their work from a queer and feminist perspective, and with a lived experience they are involved in the disabled community, both nationally and internationally,

2023 Sindri was commissioned to create two community works “Vingel “for Norrlandsoperan/EU project “Dancing in your shoes” and and “Snaecka!” for 17 senior amateurs at Skånes Dancetheater.

Their new piece Cosmetic demons: a choreographic salon premieres at Inkonst 11th of April 2024



A Sensoral Lecture is a solo performance by and with Sindri Runudde, in which we encounter five voices through metaphoric dating scenarios. The show deals with auditory romance and love at first frequency, an exploration of sound, and especially the voice, as touch. Through dance, dialogue and movement exercises, the audience is invited to a sensual and sensory lecture with humour, imagination and sensitivity.

Together with composer Marta Forsberg, Sindri explored the concept of a voice message, and the culture of auditive versus text based SMS. Curiously examining the intimacy of the voice message, combined with humorous reconnaissance – realizing that a voice message can be way more intimate than a nude picture.

The performance is based on Sindri’s exploration of the tactile and auditive based movement practice ”Centered Adventures”. With guidance by Sindri, the audience will be invited to try this practice during the performance.


Concept and choreography: Sindri Runudde 

Performer: Sindri Runudde

Assistant and dramaturg: Emelie Empo Enlund 

Music and sound: Marta Forsberg

Light design and technician: Ulrich Ruchlinski


Sälskap is a sensory, interactive performance for all ages by choreographer Sindri Runudde. The work deals with the idea of transformation and is based on the mythological story of Selkie, the seal human, an oceanic myth about a creature that is half seal and half human.In this piece they collaborate with musician/composer Hendrik Willenkes (Belgium/Malmö), and glassblower Anna-Lena Rudolfsson (Östersund).

With sound and touch as the main areas, “Sälskap” plays with the physicality of sound and matter and the approach of the body through dance.



Choreographer, dancer: Sindri Runudde

Glass artist: Anna-Lena Rudolfsson

Dancer: Márcio Kerber Canabarro

Sound designer: Hendrik Willekens

Lighting designer: Thomas Zamolo

Costume, scenography: Juli Apponen

Outside eye, dramaturgical support: Anna Grip

Co-production: Dansnät Sverige, Norrlandsoperan

Cosmetic demons: a choreographic salon

SINDRI RUNUDDE - August 28, 2024 - Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival/Atalante, Göteborg - 19:00
  • Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival/Atalante, Göteborg
  • August 28, 2024
  • 19:00
SINDRI RUNUDDE - August 29, 2024 - Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival/Atalante, Göteborg - 19:00
  • Göteborgs dans- och teaterfestival/Atalante, Göteborg
  • August 29, 2024
  • 19:00

Cosmetic demons: a choreographic salon uses the hair salon as a metaphor for a place where our processes, emotions and inner demons can have space to be shared and celebrated. Allowing visitors to indulge in a cosmetic transformation, and a live conversation between a hairdresser and a client.

In front of the chairs – where the mirror used to be – there is now a dancer. Three hairdressers, three clients and three dancers play out a choreographic idea that becomes a fictive salon.

The concept of cosmetic demons is inspired by an ancient meditation and therapy method called “feeding your demons”. Starting from a personal interest in the hair salon as a place, and its nature of relationality, between our inner and outer processes, and between the hairdresser and client. A sensorial perspective where a staged intimacy, and amplified gossip unfolds. As a choreographer and performer, they work with a playful foundation and using joy, fiction and fashion as tools for queer perspectives and perception politics juxtaposed with more complex and dark experiences of the salon.

In CDCS Sindri continues to curiously explore the different senses of the human body, this time especially the 666th sense; The bloody sense of humor!

The work is developed during 2023 and will premiere at Inkonst, Malmö 11th of April 2024.



Choreography and text: Sindri Runudde

Répétiteur and artistic assistant: Maia Means

Dancers: Brittanie Brown, Linn Ranarsson, Olivier Muller & Víctor Pérez Armero

Dramaturg and demonical outside eye: Halla Ólafsdóttir

Composer and sound design: Andreas Tilliander

Light design: Jonatan Winbo

Costume & Set Design: Hanna Kisch & Sindri Runudde

Co-producers: Dansens Hus Stockholm, Inkonst and NorrlandsOperan

Production: Sindri Runudde, Nordberg Movement

Made possible with support from The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Nordisk Kulturfond and Region Skåne. Co-produced by Dansens Hus, Inkonst and Norrlandsoperan together with Nordberg Movement.