Dance can be a means to reach a deeper understanding of what it is to be human. In recent years, Viktor Fröjd’s work has been focused on honesty and social power. Viktor’s background is in street and house dance. Freestyle is therefore constantly present, as well as the understanding of how everyone (and everything) in the room – both the dancers and the participants from the audience – influence the atmosphere and what transpires in the piece.

Viktor Fröjd, alongside the dancers, creates a state of honesty, cordiality and spontaneity. This opens up for the piece itself to progress and be recreated every time it is performed, and also to be influenced by each unique audience. The aim is that the performances are experienced, rather than observed, by the audience. The dancers bring the audience on a journey, where they get to share experiences, but also explore something unique for each person who participates. This requires the dancers to have a certain presence, along with an understanding of the different situations and emotional states that can occur.

It also requires safe spaces, an acceptance of the situation and an open approach to oneself, one’s performance and to each other. The dance moves away from shaping and from formation, towards an attentive togetherness that creates room for the sincere and the festive, for depth and for presence.

Viktor Fröjd is educated at the Street Dance Program at Åsa Folk High School outside Katrineholm and has a bachelor’s degree in Dance Pedagogy focused on Street Dance from DOCH – Dans och Cirkushögskolan (School of Dance and Circus) in Stockholm. His artistic practice has progressed through a series of acclaimed and praised performances produced around Sweden during the past ten years. Viktor’s latest piece, Tillvaron, premiered in August 2020 at Idéfarmen in Dunker, Flen. His previous work includes Var Dag (Every Day) (2017) and Ett Slags Mellan (A Kind of Middle) (2015). In 2017, the collective project Nod premiered at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, a non-hierarchical creative process between Viktor Fröjd, Marika Peura (Helsinki) and Christine Nypan (Oslo).

Parallel to his artistic work, Viktor Fröjd has run an extensive collection within the street dance field in Stockholm as well as in southern Sweden, through battles and festivals. Some examples are Malmö Dance Week, Malmö Workshop Week and Hip Hop Weekend as well as Lighthouse Battles. Viktor Fröjd has also initiated and facilitated several international collaborative projects. By this, Viktor can contribute to the development of platforms and places for dancers based on their needs.

Viktor Fröjd creates performances and pieces for both larger and smaller stages around Sweden, with both commissioned and self-produced productions.

VIKTOR FRÖJD - Trax - March 25, 2025 - Dansstationen, Malmö -
  • Dansstationen, Malmö
  • March 25, 2025
VIKTOR FRÖJD - Trax - March 26, 2025 - Dansstationen, Malmö -
  • Dansstationen, Malmö
  • March 26, 2025
VIKTOR FRÖJD - Festen - August 29, 2024 - The Swedish Pavilion, Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf, Germany -
  • The Swedish Pavilion, Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • August 29, 2024
VIKTOR FRÖJD - Festen - October 29, 2024 - Inkonst, Malmö - 19:00
  • Inkonst, Malmö
  • October 29, 2024
  • 19:00

Photo credits: Rebecca Gustafsson


Viktor Fröjd and Yared Tilahun Cederlund are both dancers and choreographers with a background in street, freestyle and club dancing. They have been working together since 2017, process-oriented and with improvisation as a starting point. Always focusing on the honest feeling in the work and the social and communicative power. In their new performance TRAX, premiering in spring 2025, the duo continue their exploration of the multifaceted landscape of improvisation through music as well as in dance. They work with analog and acoustic soundscapes with different elements of electronic club music.

Trax explores the cypher, the circle as a dance arena and format. It exists in reality and as a symbol. Unites but also excludes. Creates ritual and community. Trax also explores whether the work can have an album format (the vinyl LP format), like a collection of poems and themes. An energy that holds it all together.
Everything must have its time. In Trax, it may be a dance, a song, a rhythm, a soundscape or something else that has to be gone through before the next thing can take place. How does something end for something else to begin?



Choreography and idea: Viktor Fröjd
Co-creating dancers: Yared Tilhun Cederlund and Viktor Fröjd
Sound composition and design: Yared Tilhun Cederlund
Lighting design: Anton Andersson
Dramaturge: Bodil Persson
Production: IVER Cultural Association and Nordberg Movement
Co-producer: Dansstationen
With support from: Swedish Arts Council and Region Skåne

Opening night: March 25, 2025, Palladium Malmö

Photo credits: Martina Siouta


Imagine a talk show, a dance warm-up, a meeting, and a performance, all in one. The new piece Sinnes will fall somewhere in between.

It is in relation to everything around us that we are formed. Everything is relational. When I enter the studio alone to start a new work, and really when any form of creative process is initiated, the state is that of unawareness. No one knows what will be created. There is a kind of ground zero that the art/creation requires. A slightly different situation occurs when more people are in the studio, and the starting point for creation is changed. The relational generates conversations and interactions between all of us in the room. Multiple voices, multiple colors, multiple languages.

In “Sinnes”, choreographer and dancer Viktor Fröjd invites different artists, dancers, and choreographers to explore how through dance, questions, and together something begins? What does the quest look like? How is meaning created? How do we navigate towards the genuine? How do we relate to our own doing and thinking?

The content of Sinnes’ changes when it meets an audience, depending on whom the dancers/guests are at that moment. Hence, 2-3 days will be needed in the studio before the performance.


Invited dancers: Maria Naidu, Alexander Dam, Johanna Fröjd, Jens Jeffery Trinidad, Yared Tilahun Cederlund
Lighting design and set: Anton Andersson
Dramaturge: Bodil Persson
Sound: t.b.a.

Production Kulturföreningen IVER, Nordberg Movement
Co-producers: Kulturföreningen Iver, Rum För Dans, NorrlandsOperan
With support from Kulturrådet/The Swedish Arts Council, Malmö Stad

Photo credits: Jonath Mathew


Maybe festen is the last resort where we can embody our longing beyond language and thought. A longing away from structure, symmetry and the measurability which is demanded by modern life.

Festen is the tribute to the human and the spiritual. To dance and to using the body to experience all the inherent possibilities in the human being, together as well as alone. Everyone who participates in Festen is also part of creating it.

Our resident DJ Cheza takes us on a journey through the world of house music and we are guided by our host Yared. The dancers Joanna, Johanna and Victor moves trough festen together with us


Choreography: idé: Viktor Fröjd
Co-creating dancers: Joanna Holewa Chrona, Johanna Fröjd, Yared Tilahun Cederlund, Maele Sabuni, Viktor Fröjd
Master of Ceremony: Yared Tilahun Cederlund
DJ: Maele “Dj Cheza” Sabuni
Light design: Anton Andersson
Set design: Anton Andersson
Costume design: Sarah Nakiito
Dramaturgical support: Bodil Persson
Cinematography: Gustav Ågerstrand
Photo: Jonath MathewProduction: Kulturföreningen Iver and Nordberg Movement
Co-production: Kulturföreningen Iver, Dansens Hus, NorrlandsOperan and Dansstationen.

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Malmö Stad, Region Skåne and Konstnärsnämnden