And so we’re gone

And so we’re gone is a choreography about emptiness, created out of a sense of frustration and nostalgia towards the ongoing. An expression of the sense of despair and futility that can strike you when you see everything going on without clear direction, progress, or real meaning. A sentiment stemming from the question: what is the meaning of it all? The work presents four people walking, marching, and strolling through an evolving pattern. They walk concurrently and at the same pace, yet they never really meet. They appear similar to each other since they walk along similar paths. At the same time, their respective variations create intricate patterns, constellations, and formations, which turn into different geometries, rituals, and choreographies. Here, a complex mathematical system emerges, and eventually, other images, like memories, or perhaps fantasies, or pieces of a lost life? Most of the patterns move toward the center of the room, but there is one place that can never be entered. A place where all the patterns curve around. A place they keep moving towards and relate to but never dare to cross. They step past it and walk around it as if the floor would burn there. It is a place where they could meet – if they dared to – and maybe that is why they try so hard to avoid it? The work is mainly abstract but, through its ongoing character, carries several possible readings. It is an invitation to be fascinated by its mathematics, while the marching can be perceived as something existential. The work also offers a sense of community as the four people, without meeting, still seem to move around the same problem. They create something bigger here; a pattern and images emerge from the group’s organic movement through the space. What is it that we all share but have a hard time understanding when we are all busy with our lives? And what is the real meaning of this endless ongoing? 

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