And that’s a wrap!

 After 18 months, our project Music & Movement Management has come to an end. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participating artists in the program. We would also like to thank our outstanding team of producers and managers.
Music & Movement Management has been a truly unique experience for all of us, and we’re so proud to have collaborated on this with you: Aurelia Dey, VAZ/Cecilia Vaz & Jenny Vaz, Jukka Rintamäki, Maria W Horn, Daniel Karlsson, Ann Rosén, Lisa Ullén, Jaded Jane, Sindri Runudde, Maria Naidu, Joanna Holewa Chrona, BamBam Frost, johanssons pelargoner och dans, Robin Jonsson, Anna Öberg, Mari Carrasco, OR/ELLER Anja Arnquist & Madeleine Lindh (pictured), Frida Grassman, Lina Dahlgren, Julianna Viðarsdottir, Maria Lindeberg, Magnus Palmquist Lunay, Minna Fagerstedt, Johanna Widlund Crisman, Elisabet Widlund Fornelius, Anne Koutonen, Christel Elisabeth Molin and Gisela Abrante
Supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Other news

Oct 01 2023

Welcome to a digital conversation with Nordberg Movement and Fil. Dr. Anna Adeniji about her study of the Music & Movement Management project.

Nordberg Movement wants to give you the opportunity to get an insight into the process which can provide lessons and inspiration for future ideas and projects based on...
Aug 17 2023

Bambam Frost opens the season at Black Box in Oslo with YES

Bambam Frost opens the season at Black Box in Oslo with YES Aug 24-25, 2023! More info: Black Box YES is a cascade of pleasure, sadness and dreams of possibilities....
Jul 07 2023

Reich Szyber at Stockholm Fringe Festival

Nordberg Movement couldn't be happier to announce the re-staging of Reich Szybers work Night Journey during Stockholm Fringe Festival - Stoff and with/at Marinmusum in...
Jul 04 2023

‘Vástádus eana- The answer is land’ at Julidans

«Powerful in a quiet yet magnificent way.» – NRK Amsterdam, do not miss Elle Sofe Company and 'Vástádus eana- The answer is land' as part of Julidans 5 and 6 July. The...
Jul 04 2023

Visning av Viktor Fröjd

Malmö! Välkomna på visning av Viktor Fröjds works-in-progress av projektet Kairos fredag 7 Juli kl 15.00 på Danscentrum Syd! Viktor Fröjd om processen: "A collage can...
Jun 17 2023

johanssons pelargoner och dans done and finished Westvind Festival!

100000000 thank you to Westwind festival for 10 amazing shows of The Choreography. Germany really brought a great grooooove!
Jun 15 2023

Från praktik till publik at Dansens Hus

”Från praktik till publik” (From Practice to Audience), an afternoon with Björn Säfsten presented today at and in collaboration with Dansens Hus centered around the...
Jun 09 2023

Dream Beam opening at MDT

Opening tomorrow June 10 at MDT Moderna Dansteatern and festival Lustholmen: ”dream beam” by BamBam Frost Photo: Märta Thisner Credits: Choreography, idea & koncept...
Jun 09 2023

Land before time spelar på Artipelag

Duon Land Before Time, med Joanna Holewa Chrona och Yared Tilahun Cederlund spelar en specialversion av föreställningen […it is contained in…] på invigningen av årets...
Apr 24 2023

Erfarenhetsutbyte – Erfaren Dansare Till Ung Dansare

Vi letar efter nyutexaminerade dansare (examen 2019 eller senare) som vill delta i ett erfarenhetsutbyte mellan en nyutexaminerad dansare och mer erfaren dansare....